What is a computer? With that simple question I can feel the uneasiness of many. I just brought up some memories of “that boring computer class” where the teacher / lecture blabbered on and on about stuff no one really cared. Perhaps some of you even remember the answer to that question, an answer that was constantly drummed into their head as though it was a religious creed on which they owed their salvation. If you can relate to that then this is the site for you.

Our aim is to give you some IT knowledge simple terms that you can relate to. Yes, you don’t need to understand IT jargon to read our beginner or “Laymen” articles. (on a side note am I the only one who gets puzzled at introduction books full of jargon?). We have some more deep material that requires some expertise on the intermediate and the advanced article for those hungering to see how what they are learning is applied in the real world. This site is therefore for:

  1. The “Layman” who is interested to know how all this IT stuff works.
  2. The person learning IT either in high school or university who has no idea how what they are learning is applied.
  3. For IT professionals in the field who may get some problems that may be addressed here.
  4. Everyone.